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Boston Voice Users is an organization for those using or interested in speech recognition software. We are an entirely member-run organization. With monthly meetings we are continuing a process of exploring the developments, available tools and products, and best use of personal computer-based speech-recognition. As part of this process we invite both commercial and noncommercial entities to present at our meetings. We are providing an opportunity for a forum and a demo. The Boston Voice Users Group does not however endorse products. Our members of course are free to express their opinions. Users and potential users of speech-recognition are encouraged to come to our meetings to seek help and advice, network or make presentations.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about the organization or our meetings. Ideas for future meetings are welcome. Contact Boston Voice Users. Please see our list of Recent Meetings.

We meet at MIT from 7:30 p.m. until approximately 9:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month.

We have a low-volume mailing list ( for meeting announcements and queries for assistance from local voice users.

Speech-recognition Resources

Resources Available on the Web
Speech-recognition community has put together a great deal of information on the Web concerning how to use the software, ergonomics, how to properly use your voice, etc. Go to this page to see a listing of resource links compiled by Boston Voice Users Group members.

Dealing with Software Compatibility Issues
Speech-recognition won't gracefully replace the mouse and keyboard with every program's user interface. The reality of the computer programming world is that programmers don't cooperate and follow the same standards. In March and April 2007, we presented 10 strategies for coping with user interface compatibility problems.

Upcoming meetings:

The Boston Voice Users Group meets regularly on the second Tuesday of every month, even if the listings below are not up-to-date. To receive notification of meeting topics, time, date, and place subscribe to our mailing list above. We also post meeting notices at Speech Computing .

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Linux-Capable Speech Recognition Update

Susan Cragin will discuss recent changes to Ubuntu and Wine affecting the installation, training and use of DNS10 Preferred running on Linux through the WINE emulator. Cragin is a DNS10 application maintainer for WINE. Currently she is responsible for testing DNS10P using daily WINE gits. Also, we need someone with a laptop who can briefly demonstrate (nothing fancy) using Dragon on Windows. Regular DNS is preferred, but third-party applications would be OK also.

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Meeting Room:

is 2-135, but that may change depending on the state of the video projectors, so watch for signs on the door or notes on the blackboard if you show up and don't see anyone.

For wheelchair access, there is a ramp and door to the left of the stairs at 77 Mass. Ave. (behind the bus stop) This entrance gives you basement level access to the elevator in Lobby 7 (the lobby at 77 Mass. Ave).

Directions to room 2-135: Go in the main door of MIT, at 77 Mass. Ave. Go three quarters of the way down the infinite corridor. Turn right at Building 4 and follow the main corridor of building 4 all the way to the end. Turn left, follow this corridor to the intersection of buildings 6, 2 and the corridor to the library (the corridor decorated with murals of jungle animals), and stairs on your right. Turn right and follow the corridor to room 2-135. You can also get in from the building 14 library and Building 8.

For Directions to MIT and a map of the campus, see

Recent Meetings

December 14, 2010
General Topics
November 9, 2010
General Topics
October 12, 2010
General Topics
September 14, 2010
Open Meeting
August 10, 2010
Open Meeting
July 13, 2010
Open Meeting
June 8, 2010
Meeting Cancellation
May 11, 2010
Open Meeting
April 13, 2010
Speech-recognition: General Topics
March 9, 2010
Speech-recognition: General Topics
February 9, 2010
Speech-recognition General Topics
December 8, 2009
The Utter Command Approach To Making the Web the Easier
November 10, 2009
Speech-Recognition General Topics
October 13, 2009
General Topics
September 8, 2009
August 11, 2009
General Topics
June 9, 2009
General Topics
May 12, 2009
Alexander Technique
April 14, 2009
General Topics
March 10, 2009
General Topics
February 10, 2009
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Senior Director of Development
January 13, 2009
General Topics
December 9, 2008
General Topics
November 11, 2008
Linux-Capable Speech Recognition Update
October 14, 2008
General Topics
September 9, 2008
Putting Utter Command to the Test
August 12, 2008
Organizational Meeting
July 8, 2008
General Topics
June 10, 2008
E-Mail Demonstration
May 13, 2008
Vocola for Vista
April 8, 2008
E-Mail Demonstration Preparation
March 11, 2008
Repeat Brainstorming Session
February 12, 2008
Brainstorming Session
January 8, 2008
General Topics
December 11, 2007
Linux-Capable Speech Recognition Update
November 13, 2007
Adapting Speech Recognition to the Hospital Environment
October 9, 2007
Meeting Canceled
September 11, 2007
Organizational Meeting
August 14, 2007
Dragon Recognition Accuracy / System Performance
July 10, 2007
General Speech Recognition Topics
June 12, 2007
Utter Command Update
Demos posted here
May 8, 2007
Nuance Directors of Engineering And Language Modeling for Dragon
April 10, 2007
Mastering Windows with Your Voice Part 2.
Presentation in HTML format
March 13, 2007
Mastering Windows with Your Voice
Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Organizational Meeting
January 9, 2007
Computer Macros by Voice
December 12, 2006
MS Excel Productivity Meeting
download example workbook sales.xls
November 14, 2006
MS Word Productivity Meeting
Download: bullets.doc - practice Word document (35KB)
October 10, 2006
Portable Recorders for Speech Recognition
September 12, 2006
Using Speech Recognition at Work
August 8, 2006
General Topics
July 11, 2006
Organizational Meeting
June 13, 2006
Using Dragon with Web Browsers
May 9, 2006
MS Word Productivity Meeting
April 11, 2006
VoicePower Demonstration
March 14, 2006
Streamline Work with DNS Macros & VBA
Download presentation slides in PDF (866 Kb)
Download presentation transcript in PDF (93 Kb)
February 14, 2006
Organizational Meeting
January 10, 2006
Linux-Capable Speech Recognition, Current Efforts
December 13, 2005
Speech-recognition demo in Windows Vista
November 8, 2005
Tips and tricks
October 11, 2005
Organizational Meeting
September 13, 2005
Voice Recognition Software and Its Effect on Vocal Function
August 9, 2005
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Q&A
July 12, 2005
Utter Command: Human- Machine Linguistics, Renji Grammar, And A New Interface
View presentations at
June 14, 2005
Alexander Technique Demonstration
May 10, 2005
Speech Recognition Use in the Workplace and the ADA
April 12, 2005
General Speech Recognition
March 8, 2005
Organizational Meeting and discussion of Assistive Technology
February 8, 2005
Crib sheets and other tricks for remembering commands
January 11, 2005
Introduction to speech recognition
December 14, 2004
NaturallySpeaking 8 demo
November 9, 2004
Organizational Meeting
Sept 14, 2004
Informal question and answer session
June 8 , 2004
Organizational Meeting
May 11 , 2004
Introduction to NaturallySpeaking. An experienced user will walk a new user of NaturallySpeaking through the program, and give tips on making NaturallySpeaking easier to use and more accurate. New users and those considering using speech recognition are particularly encouraged to attend, but even experienced users may learn a few new things.
April 13 , 2004
Questions and Answers about NaturallySpeaking
March 9 , 2004
QPointer demonstration Ramy Metzger, CEO of Commodio, gave a demonstration of their QPointer software for hands-free computer use. QPointer uses image processing technology to detect the locations and names of text, graphics, images and controls on the screen, allowing it to voice-enable programs with which other speech software has difficulty.
Feb. 10 , 2004
Macros I Can Recall, An intentionally modest proposal for a speech recognition command grammar, Kim Patch
Jan. 13 , 2004
Alexander Technique and the Voice, Raewyn Haywood (, an instructor of Alexander Technique, discussed the principles of the Alexander Technique, what is involved in learning it, and how the work can be beneficial to those suffering voice problems.
Dec. 9 , 2003
Top 10 List for Speech Recognition
Nov. 11 , 2003
Organizational Meeting
Oct. 14 , 2003
Tips and Tricks for Better Speech Recognition
Sept. 9 , 2003
Introduction to NaturallySpeaking
August 12 , 2003
David Fox gave a demo previewing the upcoming release of VoiceCode, a system for programming by voice.
July 8 , 2003
Organizational Meeting
June 10 , 2003
Vocola, a simplified voice command language for NaturallySpeaking, demo by its auther Rick Mohr
May 13 , 2003
NaturallySpeaking 7 demo by Peter Cohen, of Peter Cohen Associates
April 8 , 2003
Getting Started with Speech Recognition
March 11 , 2003
Healthy voice use
February 11 , 2003
Voice-friendly software: Applications which work (and don't work) well with speech recognition
January 14 , 2003
Organizational Meeting
December 10 , 2002
Speech recognition in the workplace
November 12 , 2002
New user demo
October 8 , 2002
Organizational Meeting
September 10 , 2002
A Comparison of NaturallySpeaking and ViaVoice: The basic capabilities of Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 5 and IBM ViaVoice release 8 were be demonstrated in a video. The demonstration was designed to give both new and experienced users a sense of how one can use the products and how they differ.
August 13 , 2002
MacSpeech: Andrew Taylor from MacSpeech gave a demo of the latest version of iListen (1.5) for Mac OS 9 and OS X.

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